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About Us
What We Do
The CPAA is the only organization working on behalf of Principals, Assistant Principals, and Administrators of the Chicago Public Schools. Our goal is to improve educational and administrative leadership in our schools and to elevate the status and morale of our members.

Our Executive Board meets monthly with the Chief Executive Officer and his staff to discuss your concerns. Monthly auxiliary meetings and bi-monthly general membership meetings are held to provide information and to obtain input from members.

The annual calendar, available each fall, prov  ides members with Association, Chicago Public Schools and national and local educational associations' programs and meeting dates. It is an invaluable tool for short and long term planning.

The newsletter, The Lamp, is published monthly and contains regular reports from the president and Association committees. In addition, news about members, school and support programs, CASL, IAA, LIFT and LAUNCH are featured. Auxiliary announcements give members notice of local meetings and topics. 

The Directory
The Association annually publishes a directory of schools and members, as well as important central and area office information. Despite the continuous changes that are a part of the CPS system, the CPAA Directory remains the most consistently accurate source of information.

Professional Support
CPAA staff members are available to answer your questions and address your concerns and problems. We strive to improve your working conditions.

Public Relations
The CPAA voice is recognized as an organization that articulates challenges and successes of our schools.

Legislative Action
Our lobbyist will take your concerns to Springfield and beyond. Distribution of our PAC fund is managed by our Legislative Committee.

Economic Benefits
  • $1 Million Liability Insurance
  • $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit
  • United Buying Service
  • United Credit Union
    Salary and benefits are negotiated with the Board.

    Professional Development
    We provide comprehensive leadership training programs under the Chicago Leadership Academies for Supporting Success which includes CASL, the Chicago Academy for School Leadership; LAUNCH, the training program for aspiring principals; LIFT, the new principals support program; IAA, the Illinois Administrators' Academy which provides credit. The Association also provides mentoring and co-sponsors the Annual Education Conference.

    Legal Assistance
    Legal consultation, through the Association's in-house attorney, is available for professional problems. A Legal Assistance Committee will hear special appeals for additional support.

    The American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) and the AFUCIO provide lobbying and support at the federal level. The Illinois Principals Associations provides support on the state level.

    Mission Statement and Action Directions
    The mission of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association is to provide the educational and ethical leadership needed in local school communities and across the system to ensure that all students will attain the highest standards of achievement.

    The Association is dedicated to achieving this mission by supporting its members through a coordinated program of services, benefits and advocacy. Specific action directions include:
  • Representing members regarding welfare issues including compensation and benefits;
  • Advising members in professional matters related to due process and legal issues;
  • Providing leadership in local and system-wide decision making and policy formulation;
  • Influencing local, state, and federal legislation related to education;
  • Establishing standards and best practices to guide administrative actions;
  • Sponsoring meaningful professional development programs and activities to meet the unique needs and requirements of experienced, beginning, and aspiring administrators;
  • Developing a proactive communications and public relations plan to better serve members and targeted external groups;
  • Providing a support system for networking and a clearing house for information; and
  • Increasing collaboration with other professional associations, universities, business partners and education reform groups.